Half American, I was born and raised in rural Scotland. I was lucky enough to spend most of my childhood on an organic farm in Angus where my Mom practices herbal medicine and my Dad works as an author. From a young age my parents were always very supportive of my creativity and growing up around lots of space in such a beautiful location was definitely an inspiration to me.

After leaving school I moved to London to form a label with a group of old Supertramp veterans, with whom I learned exactly what ‘rock n roll’ means, how a label works and gained invaluable and ongoing creative support from world class producer/engineer Ken Allardyce. After a year in London I decided to study production at Leeds College of music, where I learned the basics of running a studio, developed my writing and performance skills, played in several bands and received a distinction. Since leaving LCoM I have devoted every spare second to producing music.

Whether its my own music, the music of another artist or working as an artist with Ken Allardyce. Ken, who has worked with Fleetwood Mac, The Yardbirds, Green Day, Weezer, Toto and George Benson has been a huge influence in my creative development. He’s not only mentored my skills to a professional level but has tuned my mind to the standards of LA recording.

I have produced a select handful of folk and rock artists to date (Conor Hoop, Johnny Styx, The Heathen Kings) but most of my time is spent producing my own material.